Klavierklang (2017)

For piano, spoken voice and 2-channel audio
Composition and text by Hildegard Westerkamp
Premiere: Nov 8, 2017, ISCM World Music Days, Vancouver Playhouse, Vancouver, Canada
Performed by Rachel Iwaasa, piano and spoken voice
Length: 14:27

Klavierklang is a sonic-musical journey into the complexities of piano playing. During the past few years Rachel and I often reflected on the challenging and traumatic, but also inspiring experiences we have had with piano teachers, the roles our mothers’ ears played in our musical development and how much the piano has been both a sanctuary for sonic explorations and soundmaking, and a site of trauma and discouragement. Ultimately, Klavierklang is a journey towards the piano playing we have always loved, into the magic of its sound.

Klavierklang was commissioned by Rachel Iwaasa and was created with the financial assistance of the Canada Council and the BC Arts Council. Many thanks go to David Bloom, who directed Rachel in the dramaturgical aspects of her live performance.