Cool Drool (1987)

A performance piece for spoken voice and 2-channel audio
Premiere: February 1984 Vancouver East Cultural Centre Vancouver BC Canada
Performed by Hildegard Westerkamp, voice

Length: 14:00

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Cool Drool is not a very original piece. Everything in it is stolen from other pieces of music. In fact, it goes as far as playing entire pieces of music, which were composed by others, back to the listener. It is worse than any of Westerkamp's other compositions, where she takes existing sounds from the environment and uses them as sound material. In Cool Drool she simply takes existing music and uses it for her own purposes.

On top of it, the piece is definitely dated. For example, the sounds of the cash register as they appear in Cool Drool have completely disappeared from today's commercial environments. They alone betray the piece's age and place it squarely prior to the mid-80s.

Muzak divorces all music from its original context. Cool Drool uses Muzak to connect music again with a social reality.