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The Local and Global "Language" of Environmental Sound

Presentation at Sound Escape
An International Conference on Acoustic Ecology
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
June 28 - July 2, 2000

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​Soundscape Composition(1) : Linking Inner and Outer Worlds

Lecture at Soundscapes voor 2000, conference/festival,
Amsterdam, Holland, organized by NPS, Dutch Radio, November 19-26, 1999.

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Speaking from Inside the Soundscape

This paper was originally presented at
Hšr Upp! Stockholm Hey Listen!
Conference on Acoustic Ecology, June 8-13, 1998

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Soundscape of Cities

Lecture presented at Symposium
Von Bauhaus zu Soundscape: Klang?ologie-ein neuer Horizont des Designs,
Goethe Institut Tokyo, October 5-9, 1994.

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​Bauhaus and Soundscape Studies - Exploring Connections and Differences

Aspects of this text were originally presented in two lectures at the Symposium
From Bauhaus to Soundscape
Goethe Institut Tokyo, October 1994, revised March 2002

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