Writing by Hildegard Westerkamp

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* The Disruptive Nature of Listening
* Exploring Balance & Focus in Acoustic Ecology
* Yoga and Construction Noise
* Soundwalking
* Soundwalking as Ecological Practice
* Radio that Listens
* Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology
* Bauhaus and Soundscape Studies - Exploring Connections and Differences
* The Local and Global 'Language' of Environmental Sound
* Say Something About Music
* Soundscape Composition
* Speaking from Inside the Soundscape
* NADA-An Experience in Sound
* Listening to the Listening
* Soundscape of Cities
* Soundscape Brasilia in Context
* The New Museum of Anthropology-An Acoustic Dump

Other writings

The following writings have yet to be added to the web site. These may not exist online. We hope to provide links as we discover them.

* An Imaginary Meeting - The Making of MotherVoiceTalk
* Edited Transcript of Lecture by Hildegard Westerkamp
* Music As Environment-Environment As Music - Keynote Presentation
* Soundtracks Everywhere
* Listening Walking Remembering, a sound journey in words
* Das Komponieren mit Umweltklängen: materielle Ausbeutung oder Bewusstseinsvertiefung?
* UmweltKlang - Hörerfahrung
* Earwitness: A Tale of Three Cities
* The Soundscape on Radio
* Soundscape Brasilia, ein Klangkunst Projekt (in German)
* Delhi mit den Ohren erforschen (in German)
* Listening and Soundmaking, Cool Drool
* LISTENING AND SOUNDMAKING-A Study of Music-as- Environment
* A Child's Ritual
* Wilderness Lake
* ssh... Noise Handbook